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September 11, 2019 - Whining

Today we read and discussed Chapter 2 - all about that terrible, horrible habit of whining.

I had to stop and do some self reflection... what do I whine about? Maybe it's not in that long drawn out, "moooooooooooooom, I don't wanna go to bedddddddddddd...." kinda voice, but I know I sure whine about things! Lack of sleep, the house is constantly messy, apparently the people living in my house need to eat supper every day (!?!) so I guess I gotta go make that, I haven't got to connect with my hubby in a while... the list goes on! The author, Ginger Hubbard, said the real root of whining and complaining is "the idolatry of selfishness, which believes that wants and desires take precedence over everything else." Huh. So I guess when I off-handedly make a comment that I have nothing to wear when my closet just caved in from the weight of my clothes, I'm really not being content with all the gifts God has given me and I'm saying it's not enough. And then when my kids hear that... well that seemingly gives them every right to whine about their hand me downs and about a gazillion other things, too.

So, how do we combat this sinful habit in ourselves and in our kids? By constantly reminding ourselves that God is enough. God gives us everything we need and way more. Remember Job? He had everything taken away, but he still had God. And that was enough. All those fleeting thoughts of discontentment, the "I just wish"-es, and the, "why can't I"-s... we need to use the Spirit's gift of self control, take them captive ,and switch our mindset. When our kids see us thanking God for the heaping pile of dirty dishes and laundry, they will be reminded that we are more than blessed and we have so much to be thankful for.

So this week, try this.

When your child (or you!) whines, use the self control it takes to respond calmly, "Are you talking with a self-controlled voice?" and use the steps that follow in this chapter to instruct your children using the powerful words of our God. Even if you can try it twice this week, take the time to follow through.

It's not going to work if we don't try it.

Thank God for his grace when we don't use our self-controlled voice, and the opportunity to try again next time. Heaven knows the next time is going to be in like 26 seconds.

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