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September 4, 2019

In class today we read the first chapter of Ginger Hubbard's book, " I Can't Believe You Just Said That." I am hooked already! I know so many moms, myself included, who have read parenting books and thought, "uh, yeah... ain't nobody got time for that." But the best part is, that's what Ginger thought after reading the book "Shepherding a Child's Heart," so that's why she wrote this book! She makes an "easy", three step process for 15 different heart issues that we face with our kids, and demonstrates how to apply them.

After reading, I can't stop thinking of the word, "mindset". I can go into this book thinking, "yeah, not gunna happen. Good thoughts though." Or, I can buckle down, apply it, and change my life :) That's why I'm so happy to have Christian friends to keep me accountable to stick to this plan. Because it's not just about my kids listening to me. It's about my kids having a real, tangible, meaningful relationship with their Creator and understanding the WHY they need to listen to me.

Tessa can't even talk yet, but I'm thankful I'm starting early! As Ginger said in her book in chapter 1, "there is no such thing as a perfect parent. I learned that all children are sinners, all parents are sinners, and because we are sinners, we will all make mistakes, no matter how well studied and well prepared we think we are. I learned that self-reliance is a slippery slope that leads to failure followed by guilt, while complete dependency on Jesus for all things leads to grace and freedom- even when we mess up." I'm thankful for this guidebook and for his grace!

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